Phone handsets – what model to choose to increase productivity at work?

Phone handsets, designed for call centers and offices, are professional equipment, allowing you to conveniently make voice calls. Thanks to them, the user can efficiently handle multiple callers while performing other duties – e.g. working on a computer. What to pay attention to when choosing the right telemarketing model to ensure the highest possible efficiency at work?

Sound quality in professional headphones for a desk phone

One of the most important aspects is the quality of sound provided by Axtel’s headphones. In the call center it is of great importance, because any interference on the line can lead to misunderstandings between the callers, or even premature termination of the call. A clear, clear sound during a voice call will encourage the recipient to talk and contribute to an effective conversation. Therefore, it has an impact not only on work efficiency, but also on the customers’ opinion about the brand.

Professional call center headphones are equipped with many modern technologies that watch over the quality of sound during voice calls. Broadband sound, digital signal quality improvement or noise cancelling headset are the solutions thanks to which a call can be made efficiently and with mutual understanding of the callers. They make your voice sound natural, clear and clear, and your call is free of background noise and sounds. Ambient noise reduction, which is a technology in microphones, eliminates background noise, such as the sound of other people’s conversations in a room. In the case of large open space areas, characteristic for call centers, headphones with microphones should use this technology.

Headphones for telemarketing equipped with options facilitating call handling

Phone handsets should also be highly functional – professional models, dedicated to call centers, have many options that facilitate and speed up the handling of voice calls, which translates into greater employee productivity. The models of reputable brands are equipped with easy installation, thanks to which the device can work with a landline phone, smartphone or computer immediately after connection, without the need for configuration.

Buttons on the remote control or directly on the device also make it easier to operate the most important functions, such as the ‘handset’ or the ‘device’:

– increasing/decreasing the volume,

– answering and ending calls,

– muting the microphone (“mute”).

Modern professional headphones use many interesting solutions, adapted to different types of office work. Wireless versions are ideal for people who often move around the office, but do not want to lose contact with the caller at the same time. Wired models, on the other hand, are tailored to the work of consultants who spend most of their working days at their desks, handling voice calls.

There are devices available that work with most important business communication platforms – Skype for Business headphones are the equipment sought after by entrepreneurs, enabling them to take full advantage of the platform’s features.

Ergonomic handsets for the phone – safety and comfort at work

We must not forget that professional handsets for a landline phone is primarily a tool for the work of consultants in a call center. Therefore, they must ensure comfort and safety of users during many hours of work. Models from reputable brands are designed with this in mind – they are made using only skin-friendly and lightweight materials, which are very durable at the same time. Thanks to their low weight, they do not burden the neck section of the spine and are very comfortable to wear. In addition, telemarketing headphones are usually equipped with a technology that protects the hearing against sudden surges of sound intensity, so they take care of the health of users.